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Associate Diploma: Music Studies, Studio Musicianship

Callum Watt

Callum plays, teaches, and builds guitars. His musical mantra - “ Everything is Subjective” - as guided him through the last decade of playing and teaching. Callum believes that everyone is different and that nurturing individual passions and goals is the best way pass on musical knowledge.

Callum started playing guitar at the age of 14, and by age 17 had won multiple local guitar companions. He began his teaching career as part of the World Of Music staff.
After teaching privately for 3 years he attended the UTAS Conservatorium (Hobart), while supporting himself as performing musician playing gigs as a staple of the Hobart circuit alongside some of Tasmania's greatest talents(including The Wolf Brothers).
After moving back to the mainland, Callum started learning to repair and build electric guitars. He has steadily developed his expertise as a luthier and has established a full-time guitar manufacturing company.

Callum has recorded with a plethora of local artists as a freelance and contracted studio musician in a wide variety of contemporary genres and has regularly contributed music to major online music publications.

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