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Ukulele is a new in-class program for 2014!

In-class ukulele will get your class playing famous rock riffs, picking out tunes they know, and playing hundreds of songs using just four chords!

The ukulele is a perfect instrument for beginners. It's small, light, and with only four strings, it's easy for kids to get their fingers around.

No instruments? No worries.

The GRC has a class set of multi-coloured ukuleles that we can bring to you.

Get creative!

From creating riffs, to organising chords and even composing their own song, we encourage your students to create their own music from the very beginning.

Strum and Sing

Playing the ukulele is a great way to get kids singing. As they play their favourite songs, they can't help but sing along. Better still, there's no need for a backing track or pianist because they accompany themselves.

Entertain Your Community

We work with you to create all-playing, all-singing ukulele performances for your school assemblies and community events (eg. GCoPS concerts).

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Term 1 will commence on 30 January 2017

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