The GRC delivers music into your school

In-class recorder is an excellent way to get your whole class playing musical instruments together. With the GRC recorder program, your students will be creating a great sound and having fun in no time!

Name that Song

With groovy backing tracks and music from a range of styles, your students will soon be playing songs that everyone can recognise and enjoy.

Catering to all Skill Levels

Starting with everyone playing the same tune at the same time, and then introducing new layers of difficulty, our approach allows every student to develop at their own pace within the class.

Entertain Your Community

We work with you to create captivating recorder performances for your school assemblies and community events (eg. GCoPS concerts).

Transferable Skills

As they play the recorder, your students will be developing breath control and fingering patterns that are easily transferred to woodwind and brass instruments. We can help your students move to these instruments when the time is right.

Perform in the Opera House

Your school can be part of the Festival of Instruments massed recorder ensemble. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to play in the Opera House Concert Hall with hundreds of recorder players from all over NSW. Your class teachers can also get involved in the combined teachers items.



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