The GRC delivers music into your school

The GRC bands and ensembles program can support your existing ensembles and bands or help you start a brand new ensemble at your school.

You don't need traditional band instruments to start an ensemble at your school. We can turn any combination of instruments into a successful and fun mixed ensemble.

Benefits of school bands:

  • Promote your school by playing at community events
  • Entertainment for your school assemblies and events
  • Create links across classes and stages within your school
  • Support and extend your musically gifted and talented students

Digital Ensembles

Does your school have a set of ipads or tablets? Why not use them to make music?!

A digital ensemble can be anything you want it to be, from a classic rock band to a world music ensemble, or both at the same time!

Digital ensembles give your students the opportunity to experience a wide range of instruments from all over the world and develop some basic techniques for playing them.

Unlike any other ensemble, swapping instruments is as easy as opening another app.

By playing every instrument in the arrangement, your students will have a thorough understanding of how all the parts fit together.



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