The Music Place!

Does your school music program include:


  • Playing recorder at the Opera House?
  • Singing in the Sydney Town Hall?
  • A choir or band to entertain your school community?
  • A class playing ukuleles together?
  • Interactive workshops linking to class units of work?
  • Individual instrument lessons?

From whole class ukulele and recorder, to choirs and bands, a variety of one-off workshops and music PD for your generalist teachers, the GRC In-Schools Music Program has something for everyone. All of our programs are hands-on, address the music syllabus outcomes, and are delivered into your school by qualified, specialist music teachers. Our ongoing programs ensure your students receive a consistent and high quality music education.


The GRC In-Schools Music Program includes:

  • Class recorder, ukulele and percussion lessons
  • Singing and choral sessions
  • Bands and ensembles
  • Workshops – including Stomp and Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Violin lessons for small groups
  • Individual instrument lessons at your school
  • Music PD for generalist teachers

Being part of the In-Schools Music Program also gives you access to our other GRC programs and events, including our RockCon recording studios, performance opportunities at the GRC in our in-schools concert series and workshops with visiting musicians.

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Term 1 will commence on 30 January 2017

Program Manager

Keva Abotomey

Keva Abotomey

This month ...

August is Action-Packed!

Aug 1-3: GCOPS Concerts
Aug 4: YCOPS Concert
Aug 7: Dept. of Ed PD Day
Aug 9: Music @ BDCU
Aug 10: Performance Practice Concert
Aug 13: Thank You Goulburn - Choral Concert
Aug 17: HSC Student Showcase
Aug 22: APRA AMC Art Music Awards
Aug 24: Performance Practice Concert

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