You may not be aware that our society is something of a rarity in the world – we tend not to encourage or embrace singing as a part of our community mentality. In fact, often Australians will actively avoid singing in public. Yet around the world, many societies have singing as the fulcrum of their culture – everybody sings all the time! There is no embarrassment or shame. Wonderful stories are told through song. Histories and legends are passed from generation to generation through song and schools are filled with song on a daily basis. It's just what they do. We, however, do not, and I often wonder how this sad circumstance has come to be.

Yet, every Christmas, as regular as clockwork, thousands upon thousands of Australians gather together to sing and communicate their celebration of friends and family through song. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have this permission to sing together all year round? I believe that our society would be happier and healthier by sharing a common musical bond through singing together. The wonderful, rich Australian Indigenous culture has singing at its heart and entire histories of multiple generations have been passed on and kept alive through song. Yet, our interpretation of a Western Culture seems to prevent us from doing similar. Australians have a reputation for boldness, fearlessness – so are we afraid of singing? Are we afraid of having our singing voices judged? By whom? Why?

I think it is time to break these shackles of unnecessary embarrassment and bring song into the core of our culture rather than reserving it for an annual event!

Nothing bad will happen – in fact quite the opposite!

Can Goulburn lead the way and become a "Singing City"?

I certainly hope so – and the GRC is here to help! We have choral groups for all ages and a wide range of community singing ensembles.

Sing out Goulburn!

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