I came to realise as I explored this amazing work with my students, that any argument about the legitimacy of contemporary music as a serious musical form could be put to rest. This moment of brilliant contemporary music came about due to one inspired man – Freddie Mercury – who was seized with a powerful creative notion years ahead of its time. The complexity of his creative vision is amazing. “Bo-Rap” contains over 80 vocal lines, each individually notated and recorded. The spectacular lead guitar licks played brilliantly by Brian May were not in any way improvised – every moment was fully notated by Mercury and May has spoken about how he had to practice constantly in order to play them to the technical standard that Mercury required. The antiphonal choral sections that compliment and challenge each other, the unusual and unexpected harmonic movement throughout, the flamboyant rock that anchors the song in it’s genre, the simple and beautiful piano lines are all elements that are complete within themselves but possess an overarching musical cohesion that is in itself quite brilliant. What amazing creativity – no surprise that “Bohemian Rhapsody” has risen to the top of the music charts numerous times in the three decades since its release!

Musical creativity is a powerful force and there are great examples of it in every musical style. The challenge for young people is to find the language they need to enable them to express their creativity – their musical voice. The School of Contemporary Music and Technology (“Rock-Con”) at the GRC has this mission at its heart – to help our students find their musical voice by encouraging creativity, fostering musical exploration and opening doors to greater musical understanding.

Perhaps this could be the start of the next “Bohemian Rhapsody”! Call 4821 8833 for more information.

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