The Goulburn Oratorio has been a long time in the making, with months and months of planning, rehearsing, discussing, worrying, promoting, sharing, discussing some more, building and preparing. It has seemed like something quite remote and cute, not too threatening and a bit of fun for everyone. Then the monster stage arrived this morning, and the huge puppet was stalking the grounds yesterday, and the huge rehearsal took place last Sunday and all of a sudden... WHAM! ...there it is right in front of you, very close up and very real!

What a huge event this is! What a thrill and what a challenge! There is a danger that we might all be eaten alive, but somehow, I don't think so. This is a very friendly artistic beast and, unlike Captain Kirk's wild nemesis, this beast belongs to us, is of us and is all about us!

Our Goulburn Oratorio will be unleashed on Sunday night at 7.30pm. Please don't be afraid - come along for the thrill of the ride and the magic of the experience! It will be better than any movie!

1 November 2013

Paul Scott-Williams

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