On June 7th, a new initiative is taking place that I certainly hope will continue to grow and develop in the years ahead.

We are being visited by the fantastic Sydney Youth Orchestra who are coming to Mulwaree High School to offer a day of musical interaction with our local young orchestral players (of any level) and then performing in concert with our young players in the evening. What an experience! I am very impressed and excited that the SYO has such a determined and positive regional outlook and all of us here at the GRC are trying to grab this opportunity with both hands!

Even though we live in Goulburn and we are certainly not too far away from major urban centres, it is surprising how isolated, musically, we can be. To bring a group of excellent young musicians who are part of the SYO to Goulburn can only inspire and motivate our young, developing musicians to have a larger vision of the possibilities available to them in music. Also, for many of our regional young musicians, they will not have really had much opportunity to play as part of a large orchestra. It is an awesome experience and one that can certainly light a fire in the belly! Once you have experienced being a part of an orchestra; to blend your sound into a larger, mightily powerful sound; to be a part of a great musical team and to work as one to produce sublime music, it is hard not to want to have that experience again! Also, many young musicians may not have considered exploring the art of conducting – and this is an opportunity to do so.

Conducting is much, much more than simply waving your arms around out the front of the orchestra. It requires creative vision, physical skills, high-level musical understanding of style and interpretation, a fluent understanding of the language of music and, usually, a strong personality! Imagine getting 30 musicians to play exactly what you want, the way you want it, at the right time and together! It is no mean feat!

The SYO has a team of outstanding conductors and students who may not necessarily play an orchestral instrument could find a new interest in the art of conducting by coming along to work with these brave musical figures! I am very grateful to Mulwaree High School for hosting this event and I encourage as many of you as possible to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to play with one of Australia’s top youth orchestras! June 7th – be there!

27 May 2013

Paul Scott-Williams

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