What a big week of birthday celebration!

I'm sure a few of us still have a bit of a birthday hangover after all of the vibrant and exciting celebration of Goulburn's 150th anniversary of foundation. The more formal events on the 14th of March were appropriate and quite specific in their tone and content and it was certainly nice to see the attention being paid to Goulburn from the highest echelons of power and note.

However, Saturday was the day when Goulburn really did burst out of its cake and partied day and night! The sights and sound and especially the music, all contributed to creating a truly memorable day of community sharing and celebration.


For five hours on Saturday afternoon, the GRC presented a non-stop musical presentation with a diverse and interesting menu of performers, soloists, and ensembles. What a privilege to be able to share music and join with the community in an expression and acknowledgement of the diversity, richness and colour of our community! Thousands of Goulburnites coming together to celebrate our place, our time and our lives together. Such community connectedness is not easy to create and, as we all live our lives from day to day, it is easy to feel isolated and remote from the community.

However, Saturday March 16th will go down as a day when Goulburn gave itself a big hug! A meaningful and rich present to ourselves through music, activity and a shared understanding of what it is to be a part of this rich and diverse community. Now the challenge is to build on this and one of the ways the GRC intends to do that is through the development of THE GOULBURN ORATORIO PROJECT! This multi-arts, large-scale event will bookend our year of celebration on November 3rd, performed outside in the St. Saviour's Common. Mark the date in your diary now! Apart from being a once-in-a-lifetime cultural, community experience, it will also be a chance for us all to get together again, share a picnic and reflect on the year that was, and the positive direction we have set for the future. Happy Birthday Goulburn!

21 March 2013

Paul Scott-Williams

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