So here we are about two weeks away from the Goulburn Oratorio performance on November 3rd at 7.30pm.

I've got to be honest - this is the largest musical challenge I have ever taken on. One of the things I have learned so far is that there is only so much you can plan. We can rehearse the music and organise the instruments and plan the layout and plot the lighting and arrange the power and book a stage and move the chairs and keyboards and find extra timpani and add extra rehearsals and bind the musical scores and get scarves for the choirs and sconces for the music stands and fold back for the percussion and mics for the choir and on and on and on.

But in the end, you know it is going to come down to the moment. We won't really know how it's going to sound or what it's going to look like (or what we haven't anticipated!!) until the performance night itself. So you only have one option - to rely on each other, and that is the most powerful knowledge to take from such a grand venture. If you don't rely on each other to collectively combine our resources and strengths and energy and good will, then you will fail.

Isn't that true of any community?


So it strikes me that the experience of bringing together this Oratorio for Goulburn is very much like a microcosm of our own community, and perhaps of every regional community. If we don't rely on each other, trust each other, call on each other, appreciate each other and support each other, then nothing important or worthwhile can happen. I may be the bloke who is waving the baton around on the night, but I am no more important in this process than anyone else, and I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the enormous energy, commitment and passion that is being directed toward the Goulburn Oratorio by the many, many people and organisations involved. It won't go exactly to plan (what ever does?), but it will be a memorable experience and a worthy community enterprise and most of all, a GREAT celebration of US!

Now PLEASE, make sure the weather is PERFECT!!

18 October 2013

Paul Scott-Williams

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