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“Learning through Doing”. This concept has formed the basic foundation of the music educational approached of many of histories great musicians and music teachers. Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly, Emile Jacques Dalcroze – all brilliant musicians, composers and educators who developed approaches to learning music that have stood the test of time and are the core, foundational methodologies found in all respectable music training institutions. Each approach takes a slightly different path, via the singing of song, the combined playing of instruments, or the use of physical movement to help make music meaningful. But all involve doing! I like to think of learning music as being similar to creating a garden.

Sure, you can read in books all about how to prepare the soil, what to plant, how to enrich and encourage growth, when to harvest, when to let the land lie fallow and so on, but unless you are prepared to get your hands dirty, the process is entirely theoretical. Music does not happen at a distance and cannot be truly experienced via any book..

You need to get your hands dirty, get the soil of music under your fingernails, to grow with music, to try lots of different musical instruments and take lots of different musical experiences. The Goulburn Regional Conservatorium is your own, personal musical garden bed, where you can come along and get covered in music up to your ears! Now that we have our Video Conferencing facilities on line, it is possible to learn almost any instrument you like.

Our School of Contemporary Music and Technology (ROCK CON) is also up and in action and here you can explore all sorts of contemporary music – rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, R&B, even turntablism! You can also take courses in Live Sound engineering, song writing, studio recording technology and contemporary performance techniques. We have a range of fantastic music ensembles, including the new DRUMLINE, the very cool G-POPS Vocal groove ensemble along with string and wind groups and our own orchestra.

To help you understand more about music and create your own music, we have a fantastic menu of classes in musicianship, music craft, aural perception, composition and a special coaching class for students taking the HSC Music 2 course! We also offer a wonderful, enriching program of Early Childhood Music for parents and their very young children to offer the opportunity to interact with music in meaningful ways from the very earliest of days! At the other end of the spectrum we have a fantastically rich array of classes and ensembles for those in the “golden musical years” of life!

Choirs, instrumental ensembles, a special Morning Melodies Concert series every month and classes in Music Appreciation and Musical Understanding for the elderly are all available!

Finally, our musical garden is now spreading into many of our regional schools, with excellent classroom and instrumental programs running in over a third of our schools!

We make it cheaper and easier for parents to enroll with us through their school, so ask your school about enrolling with the GRC In-Schools Program today! The GRC – a rich, colourful and exciting garden of Musical growth and creativity!

Come and grow with us – it’s never too late! You’ll have a bloomin’ marvelous musical time!

1 January 2013

Paul Scott6-Willims

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