What is an ORATORIO?

Traditionally, an Oratorio is a large-scale musical work that involves big choral sections, some soloists and an orchestra. It's a bit like an opera or musical, but it is not staged. There are no sets or costumes involved, but there can be dramatic elements like lighting and some appropriate imagery and platforms to perform on. This is the traditional understanding. A modern Oratorio can be something quite different. Still without the formal staging qualities, but the style can be easily adapted to incorporate multiple art forms, spoken word, dance and even light projections. This is why we have chosen to call this huge work "THE GOULBURN ORATORIO"!

Who is involved?

The Goulburn Oratorio is a multi-arts event, which will include a specially commissioned major piece of music. This will be provided by the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium (GRC) and collaborating musical partners from across the region. There will be dramatic elements, spoken word, recitation, poetry, puppetry and dance incorporated throughout the work and these elements will be provided by the Lieder Theatre. There will be dramatic light projections, building mapped and incorporating selected images and motifs that fit with the musical and dramatic themes. This will be provided by the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery (GRAG). There will be A LOT to organise! This will be done by Southern Tableland Arts (STARTS). Anyone who wants to be involved can be involved. Simply choose the area that most interests you (including working back stage) and approach the organisation delivering that section. And finally, the most important people involved will be the audience – and we sure hope you come along!

Why is it happening?

2013 is an important year for Goulburn. We turned 150 in March. We thought that a fitting way to bring our year of celebration to a rousing end would be to create a large, exciting, memorable event for our community. To bring the community together and be immersed in music, drama, dance and light! This moment will be remembered for decades ahead and will exist in the memories of those who were there forever!

What is it all about?

When we celebrated our birthday in March, we paid homage to the past. We celebrated who we were, where we have come from and where we are now. The Goulburn Oratorio will bring the final element of our year of celebration into focus – the future! The first words of the Oratorio are "Where have we come from? What have we learned from the past? Where are we going? What is our future?" These are important questions for us all to consider. Regional school children and regional poets have submitted poems, thoughts and ideas about the future of our region; what it's like to live here; what it might be like in the future. These words have been used to create a work that is 90 minutes long and takes us on a journey from our aboriginal ancestors through to an imagined future for our region.

When and where is it on?

7pm on Sunday November 3rd, 2013. It will be held outdoors in the St. Saviour's Common on Bourke St. Bring your picnic blankets, cushions and some wine and cheese and sit back and be immersed in an arts experience you will never forget! Our gift to Goulburn and its region!

6 August 2013

Paul Scott-Williams

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