I have been very proud of the work our 2014 Scholarship Holders have been doing! They are a fantastic bunch of talented and positive kids who are to be congratulated for the enthusiastic way they have thrown themselves into their scholarship year! There have been so many community events in which they have taken part already - Australia Day, the opening of the Veolia Arena, the Blues Festival, Art in the Woolshed - and they are such positive ambassadors for the GRC too! Their work culminated in a stunning concert on March 17th where all of the scholarship holders performed. Many in the audience commented that this was the best student concert they could remember! I look forward to more positive achievements throughout the year!

Speaking of scholarships, you will be aware that every year, we hold our competitive scholarship auditions toward the end of the year. Amongst the variety of awards available, we have been very grateful for support of the Lipscomb family in sponsoring the Michael Lipscomb Award (currently held my exciting young composer and pianist, Emmot Falconer). However, 2014 is the last year that this scholarship will be available and we thank the Lipscomb Family for their many, many years of generous and kind support. In 2013, we lost one of our most loved and appreciated supporters, Moira Sheridan. However, her family have generously agreed to continue to support the Blake Sheridan Scholarship for Singing into the future and we are so appreciative of their continued support and encouragement of young talent. I am pleased and excited to announce two new scholarship sponsors - 2015 will see the establishment of the Goulburn First National Music Scholarships (two) with many thanks to Manager Barry McEntee, and the Goulburn Mazda Music Scholarship with sincere thanks to Manager, Kieran Davies. Such generous support from local business is crucial to the survival of our scholarship program and we are all very appreciative of the generosity shown by Goulburn First National Real Estate and Goulburn Mazda in supporting our young musicians! If you or your business would like to find out how to sponsor a music scholarship, please do make contact to discuss!

Our new performance program has been embraced with enthusiasm! Performance Practice Concerts are such a positive, relaxed and valuable means by which young musicians can learn about the art of performance. It has been wonderful to see both beginner musicians and more experienced students getting up and presenting work-in-progress as they learn more about how performance experience can help them become better, more confident and well-rounded musicians. I encourage all GRC students to have a go at least once this year at a Performance Practice Concert. They are low-key, friendly and positive experiences for all concerned.

Term Two promises to be full of musical action and dynamite to keep us all warm as winter descends! One particular new event I am really looking forward to is a concert we have named CONCAVITATE (pronounced con-sav-i-tah-tay) which is Latin for "cavernous space". This fascinating concert is going to take place in the old Ceramics Room in its current decrepit state! Music amongst the wreckage! This room has an amazing acoustic quality, so we invite you to come along and have an aural adventure with us. We will only be performing music that suits a cavernous environment, so dress warmly and be ready for anything! Tickets are only $10 per person and the concert itself will take place at 8pm on Friday, May 30th (call 4821 8833 to book). Don't miss it - this will be talked about for a long time!

Finally, as we reach the end of this term, I am aware that many of our HSC students are about to give their half-yearly performances. Best wishes and good luck to you all - not long to go now! We also wish a fond farewell to guitar teacher Chris Brown who is moving on to pursue other interests. Thanks for your positive contribution Chris, and we wish you every success in the future! We also say farewell and good luck to our folk instrument tutor, Peter McLaren who has taken a very well-earned retirement from the GRC.

Have a wonderful holiday break and a peaceful Easter.

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