I am very pleased that the 47th Goulburn Eisteddfod is going ahead this year. Last year things were looking dire for this event and there was a real danger that it would fold. After so many years, such a thing would be quite tragic. Certainly the world has changed over the past 47 years and the fortunes of the Goulburn Eisteddfod have ebbed and flowed with the times, but in this era of disposable music and one-a-minute fad-ism isn't it important to hang onto those stable annual events that ground and unite a community. And that's what the Goulburn Eisteddfod is – apart from being a competitive music event. It is an annual occasion where a group of people, young and old, who share a common interest in and love of music and performing come together to share that love and demonstrate the work they have been doing and the developments they have made. How can that be a bad thing?

The competitive aspect of the Eisteddfod might be something that puts people off, particularly in the context of the last decade where we have been bombarded with TV talent shows that are really only a thinly veiled series of public bullying and ridicule experiences for those poor, naïve who subject themselves to it? The "shaudenfreude" factor is high in these shows, and the musical enjoyment factor disturbingly low.

26 April 2012

Paul Scott-Williams

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