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Lilaculele Square'LILAC-ULELE' A Lilac Time Ukulele Concert

As part of the Lilac Time Festival, the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium has brought together four of the region’s most loved musical groups for a joyous afternoon concert in the bright and acoustic Old Ceramics Room.

LILAC-ULELE brings together ukulele groups from in around Goulburn, including GRUB (Goulburn Club), TUG (Taralga), Ukesters Day Out (GRC) and Ukeful@Heart (GRC). The featured repertoire is full of crowd favourites, classic tunes, sing-along opportunities, will see some unusual renditions of songs never before played on the Uke!

The Ukulele, irrefutably the happiest instrument of them all, has forever been a symbol of festivity and recreation, so much so that the mere mention of the word conjures up images of the sun-soaked islands. For this reason, we believe an entirely Ukulele-centric concert is the perfect way to welcome springtime to Goulburn.

A concert to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. 

‘LILAC-ULELE’ - A Lilac Time Ukulele Concert
When: 2pm, Monday October 3rd
Where: Old Ceramics Room, Goulburn Regional Conservatorium, 160 Bourke Street, Goulburn
Tickets: Available at the door: $5

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